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AI Generated Image Won a Photography Competition, Raising Debate in Photojournalism

Updated: Jun 30

By: Catherine Zhang

Boris Eldagsen, Berlin-based artist, generated an AI image that won the Sony World Photography Awards creative photo category in March this year. Eldagsen announced that his image was AI generated after he won the competition and turned down the award. Eldagsen explained that he was trying to find out if photography competitions were prepared for AI technology. This again raised a debate on artificial intelligence’s position in not only visual arts, but also journalism.

Eldagsen said in an interview that he loves working with AI as a tool to experiment with creative photography. However, he also expressed concerns about AI generated images in the field of photojournalism. He raised a series of questions regarding AI’s impact on the authenticity of journalism. Do the press need a system to check if a photo is manipulated or generated? Who is going to take the time to check? How do society maintain the freedom of press when photos can be fake?



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