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Bully Action

Bully Action, by Tianyi Huang 14; Ambrose Luo 14; Richard Xiong 14

One of the most significant problems in life is bullying; It may even ruin a person's life. To help alleviate bullying, I, Tianyi Huang, alongside my teammates Ambrose Luo and Richard Xiong, made an app called Bully Action. This app uses voice recognition and GPS tracking to detect bullying and prevent it. By speaking any of the user-chosen keywords or phrases while the app is active or by clicking a button, users toggle a danger mode which calls user-specified emergency contacts and texts their real-time location. While only the first contact is called, all receive location updates, giving as much information to contacts as possible while remaining undercover. Multiple key phrases also allow easy and anonymous bullying reporting without being too suspicious.


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