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We invite renowned scholars, industry leaders, competition world champions, top university students etc. to give lectures and conferences to share valuable experiences with our club members.

All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind                                             – Martin Fisher

Meet with FIRST Robotic Team USA 

July 9th 2022

Speaker: Champers Fu, John Dunbar, Anthony Wang

               and Dr. Fang Wang (Coach), Mr. Parvel Gu

Team USA for 2022 FIRST Global Challenge was selected based on the 2021-2022 FIRST Tech Challenge world champion team - FTC 8565 from Plano, TX. The team has achieved several impressive feats, such as breaking the FTC world record score in 2022, winning the Grand Prize of "Discover and Recover Award" as Team USA 2021, and winning the Inspire Award of FTC World Championship in 2022. They were selected to represent the US for the 2021 and 2022 FIRST Global Challenge for two years in a row.

Meet with MIT Hackathon Champions

July 19th 2022

Speaker: Kevin Meng (MIT) and Catherine Su (Yale)

We have invited top award-winner hackathon contestants to analyze the themes of MIT Appathon 2022, answer pre-submitted questions from the audience, and interact with participating students.

A Mini Training on Ingenious Thinking

July 17th 2022

Speaker: Dr. Tiejun Xia

Dr. Tiejun Xia is a recognized expert of optical communications working at Verizon. Dr Xia is an OSA Fellow, and was Chief Innovation Officer of IEEE Dallas Section.  He has published more than 150 technical papers, and has been granted more than 100 US patents. To promote the innovation method, he has published three books, How to Inspire Outstanding Ideas and Can You Solve It? in English, and One hundred Lectures on Innovation in Chinese.

“Ingenious thinking” is the essence of creative thinking. Its focus is not only on being creative, but also on being clever. This small training class gives a quick lesson on how to use a set of ingenious-thinking approaches to solve tough problems, make significant improvements and create something new and valuable.

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